With all of the professional software out there, determining just what your business needs can be confusing. Your Cloud Provider can help you determine the best options, whether you are starting your own business or looking to switch management applications.

Regardless of whether your firm uses one of the more popular applications, or something else, our team of Software & Application Specialists can easily migrate your software to your cloud-based environment and help build the specific cloud-based solution that meets your needs.

We provide a base package that includes the complete Microsoft® Office suite, as well as the latest anti-virus and anti-spam protection and nightly backups of your data. You can also customize your environment to add any specific industry applications your company already uses or wants to offer. You can move existing licenses to the cloud or take advantage of our SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing model for many software applications. 

We provide licensing options and support the following business management software applications:

Time Matters®

Another solution from LexisNexis®, Time Matters® offers a wide range of features with tie-ins to many popular software applications. Specific add-ons for integration with Microsoft Office and other LexisNexis applications are available. This is a good solution if your company is already using LexisNexis products.

Billing Matters®

Billing Matters is a timekeeping and billing system that may be added to Time Matters as an option. Because Billing Matters is built into Time Matters, you can use the many shortcuts to bill faster.  It has a full, flexible invoicing system that handles hourly, flat and contingent fees with a deep set of options and a broad set of reports. It can also link to QuickBooks, allowing you to send client information and transactions from Billing Matters to QuickBooks.

Tabs3® Billing Software

Track time, create statements, allocate payments and much more. It boasts a very flexible billing rate controller, allowing you to vary by personnel and client. It also supports contingency, flat rate and split rate options. Can be used with either QuickBooks® or Tabs3® Financial software.


The clear leader in small business accounting software, QuickBooks is a favorite for companies small and large. Its flexibility and intuitiveness and its tie-ins with just about every major software application in the market, including practice management and time and billing software, means your business can’t go wrong with tried and true QuickBooks. 

Amicus Attorney®technology-law1

Designed by lawyers for lawyers, Amicus Attorney helps firms stay organized so they can spend more time generating revenue and less time doing tedious, unproductive tasks. Amicus Attorney is compatible with many popular support programs for productivity, accounting, time & billing, and document management, including Microsoft Office®, QuickBooks®, Timeslips®, Worldox® and others. Whether it’s managing contacts, tracking matter activities and time, or staying on top of busy schedules, Amicus Attorney is an intuitive, easy-to-use system that helps make firms more efficient, and more profitable.