voice_iconSave money, time and inconvenience of old, out-dated phone system by transferring to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system, hosted in the cloud.  

Your Cloud Provider offers our clients optimal voice solutions, delivering voice traffic using an Internet connection. We are confident that our elite technical support team will meet all of your telecommunications challenges and assist in design, analysis and management of the voice systems for your business.

Our team of knowledgeable technicians has the resources and expertise to support various voice systems including Cisco, Nortel, and Comdial among others. Your Cloud Provider will help you migrate to a single network carrying both voice and data plans, also known as convergence, if it benefits your company. Convergence reduces the network cabling cost for an office to almost half of what an average traditional phone system cabling job would cost (depending on your specific company needs). VoIP brings many other cost savings to new businesses or those relocating to a different office space.

Hosted in our Data center, cloud setup removes most of the costs of starting with VoIP, and eliminates the need for purchasing a new phone system. By providing Hosted PBX services and free conference calling lines, all of your voice solutions needs will be supported in a managed and cost effective manner.

business_voip_diagram bufferBenefits:

  • Use our powerful web-based portal for future phone calls and telecommunication services
  • Keep current phone numbers
  • Reasonable Rates: By transferring to VoIP, your company will save on “line charges” and other fees paid to Verizon for POTS. Flat Rate VoIP plans are available depending on your call volume, locations and type of Internet bandwidth required.
  • Voice and Data Networking Simplified: Both Voice and Data can share lines to optimize your Internet bandwidth at times of low call volume.
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)  & Disaster Recovery Planning:  Basic features are built in and easy to use . Advanced Features  improve communications and user productivity.
  • Find Me/Follow Me – two advanced call forwarding services developed for VoIP. “Find me” forwards calls either in sequence or at the same time to a list of numbers. “Follow me” forwards calls to numbers based on a time schedule. Both functions are typically offered in the same service package.
  • Free Intra-office calling between satellite offices
  • Forwarding voicemail to any email address: Receive and play back messages by email